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ACT police have uncovered a large-scale fake identification scam being run in Canberra.

Criminal Investigation Fraud Team officers seized more than 130 counterfeit driver's licences, two Taser-like devices, electronic equipment and a replica firearm during a raid on an apartment in Turner on Wednesday morning.

Police found New Zealand and Californian driver's licences and proof-of-age cards along with equipment used to make the identifications.

The IDs predominantly feature young Canberrans who police say would have paid between $70 and $110 for each card.

Police allege an 18-year-old Turner man has been using a computer and digital printer to create and sell the fake driver's licences to underage Canberrans.

Detective Acting Sergeant Rachel Batterham says the search came after a lengthy police investigation into counterfeit IDs being presented around the ACT.

"A lot of counterfeit licenses have been produced to security staff in an attempt to get into nightclubs or to purchase alcohol at liquor stores," she said.

School Elsewhere To Send Students All Board Votes New Suffolk "So in turn security contacted police and this has started what has been a very lengthy and a very complex investigation."

Detective Acting Sergeant Batterham says police were surprised by the scale of the scam.

"These licences first came to security attention in July 2010 as far as police are aware," she said.

"So it is fairly sophisticated in the fact that he has been doing this for a little while and learning how to improve on the quality of the licences."

Police are not sure how many fake IDs are in circulation or how widespread their use has been.

They say they are pursing a number of fresh leads.

"In due course police will try to identify the people in these licences and speak to them about this," Detective Acting Sergeant Batterham said.

"There may be offences under the Road Transport Drivers Licensing Act."

The 18-year-old Turner man has been summonsed to face the ACT Magistrates court at a later date.

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